Flowers are incredible.

Many people take fantastic image of flowers so I wanted to capture some that are unusually beautiful or interesting. I also enjoy using filters to play with flower images. So here are some examples.

prickly pear flower3910
Prickly Pear Cactus in Bloom
yellow amarillis sm7379-1-2
Yellow Amaryllis
Yellow Amaryllis glow meddark sm83294
Yellow Amaryllis on brown background
yellow amyrillis c bw84239
Yellow Amaryllis on BW background
red amaryllis colored background5724
Red Amaryllis on purple background
red amaryllis bw background7565
Red Amaryllis on grey background
red amaryllis sepia background6536
Red Amaryllis on sepia background
Lake Kaņieris flower sm 7132
Wild Flower, Kemeri National Park, Latvia
Tulips in Cesis Latvia
sunflower smiling 9670
Smiling Sunflower, Czech Republic
Sunflowers CZ 1
Sunflower field in Czech Republic
smiling sunflower9669
Smiling Sunflower
columbine sm 1919
Columbine, the State flower of Colorado. It grows only high in the mountains in the late spring and early summer. Nikkor 200mm

bees on flower Denver sm 1747

purple flower with green leaves sm 1574-1
Purple flower. Tamron 90mm macro
purple flower cu sm 1584-1
Purple flower close-up. Tamron 90mm macro
lavendar flowers cu sm 1703-1
Lavender flowers. Nikkor 300mm

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