Food Plants and Trees

There is something very exciting about being out in nature and finding edibles available from the plants and trees around us. I really enjoy grazing and taking photos of these treats. I also have a large collection of wild mushroom images as well on their own page.

apple sm 9457
Apple almost ready. Latvia. Nikkor 300mm
melon sm 4513-4
Ripe melon in a bed of flowers in a garden. Nikkor 200mm
pumpkin sm 4517-8
Ripe pumpkin in interesting light on the vine in garden. Nikkor 200mm
Wild blueberry LV sm 9962
Wild Blueberry, Ragaciems, Latvia. Nikkor 300mm
rose hips sm 3994-20
Rose Hips. Tamron 90mm macro
lingonberries on white moss sm 3371-17
Lingonberries growing over white moss. Tamron 90mm macro
Lingonberries sm 0482
Lingonberries growing wild in Ragaciems, Latvia. Nikkor 300mm
wild blueberries sm 1351
Wild blueberries close up. Tamron 90mm macro
wild lingonberries sm 1378
Wild Lingonberries close-up. Tamron 90mm macro


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