Insects are usually best photographed with a good macro lens. I photograph insects with my Tamron 90mm Macro lens or my Nikkor 55-300mm lens. Here are some examples.

flower closeup with bee guest sm1207-1
Bee coming to visit a small flower. Tamron 90mm macro.
brown caterpiller sm 2547-4
Brown caterpillar. Priekuļu, Latvia. Tamron 90mm macro lens
green caterpillar sm 2671-17
Green caterpillar. Priekuļu Latvia. Tamron 90mm macro
spider on web cu sm 3378-22
Spider on web. Tamron 90mm macro
wasp on leaf cu s sm 1224
Wasp on a leaf. Tamron 90mm macro lens.
bee on purple flowers9821
A honey bee on purple flowers. Photographed in the Czech Republic summer of 2015.


bee on lavendar flowers9784
Honey bee on little purple flowers photographed in the Czech Republic.


Bee on sunflower CZ 5
A honey bee on a giant sunflower photographed summer 2015 in the Czech Republic.


green red dragonfly sm 4640
Green and Red Dragonfly landing
green red dragonfly sm 4683
Green and Red Dragonfly on sand
blue dragonfly sm5303
Blue Dragonfly; Lake Kaņieris, Latvia
Lake Kaņieris spider web sm 7120
Spider web, Lake Kaņieris, Latvia
butterfly on flower lv sm Talsi-46
Butterfly on Flower
2 bees on flower sm Talsi-48
Two bees on flower
butterfly on flower sm Talsi-13
Butterfly on Flower
Bee on flower smTalsi-3
Honey Bee on Flower
butterfly and bee on flower smTalsi-18
Butterfly and honey bee on flower
spider at work in forest lv sm 9872
Spider creating web. Ragaciems, Latvia. Nikkor 100mm
spider at work in forest lv from RAW sm 9890-6
Spider creating web. Ragaciems, Latvia. Nikkor 100mm
Dragonfly sm 8252-2
Dragonfly. Kemeri National Park, Latvia. Nikkor 200mm



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