I love mountains.

I have lived in Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire New Mexico and Arizona. Usually near mountains. Having grown up in flat Florida I wanted to be near mountains. I have traveled to many mountain ranges in North America, South America and Europe. Most of that time I had film cameras and all of those images and negatives are gone. So I have begun capturing images again thanks to digital technology and these I back up every day on 3 different hard drives and 2 computers.

I will sort these mountain pictures in an orderly way as soon as I upload more of them.

Keystone ski area co sm 4721
Keystone Ski Area, Colorado just after a nice snow storm. Nikkor 55mm
Ice encrustred tree CO sm 4736-34
After a snow storm. Keystone, Colorado. Nikkor 50mm
camping in the rockies sm 2320-21
Camping in the Colorado Rockies. Nikkor 50mm
One track in powder sm 4774-36
One Run. Colorado. Nikkor 100mm
snowmass co sm 9076-47
Snowmass in autumn. Colorado. Nikkor 50mm
snowmass autumn sm 9064-45
Snowmass Colorado in Autumn. Nikkor 50mm
autumn moon in rockies sm 2535-65
Autumn moon in the Rockies. Colorado. Nikkor 50mm
Cabins in the mountains near Pagosa Springs sm 4630-33
Rockies Cabin near Wolf Creek Pass. Nikkor 100mm
cabin in the mountains near Pagosa Springs sm 4608-30
Cabin in the Rockies near Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado. Nikkor 100mm

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